About Us

Inspired by our early founder’s journey in the beautiful Spanish city of Granada.

Watching the sun climbing down the wall of Alhambra Palace, and the sky turns to bright pink. Alex was having a chat with local artist friends he met at the bar, while enjoying the bubbles of the cava joyfully prancing at the tip of his tongue, he had a feeling that this little getaway might turn into something bigger than what he had planned for.

And it did, In 2017, he went back to Granada, a city with an ancient history and modern mindset, which has long been his place of inspiration. Now it's time to exercise his own influence on the world of fashion. He founded GRND. A brand that stands for women self-confidence and responsibility for the environment.

Alex combines classical aesthetics with modern design, takes inspiration from the exotic art of Mediterranean regions. The brand is a full demonstration of the attitude of living life to the max, and never try to please others.

Contact information:

TEL: +8618667118667

Address: Zone B,Innovation Tower,Software Park,Pearl Bay, Xiamen, Fujian. China

Email: grndspn@gmail.com